Jon Mares

Thank you for visiting my portfolio! I am looking for volunteer or employment opportunities where I can share my ability and talent, be a valued team member, and stay active. I would especially enjoy opportunities where I can work with animals, the environment, technology, or food. My positive energy is contagious and I would love to share it.


  • Pope John High School
  • Breakfast Bags- Manna on Main
  • PVTV

One of my strongest qualities is my ability to make friends and communicate with people! I am willing to try new things, and I also enjoy having a routine or a set schedule that I know about ahead of time. I am a hard worker and like to rally the people around me!

Strategies for Success

What helps me

  • I benefit from clear directions with visual demonstration.
  • If there is a schedule change, I would prefer to know about it ahead of time, if possible. This will help me transition and plan.
  • I have good communication and interpersonal skills that draw others to me. I thrive when I can be a valued part of a team.
  • I enjoy making other people happy. I would do well in a work setting where my positive energy could be harnessed.

What makes it hard

  • I am physically strong and athletic, but standing and being active for long periods of time can be difficult. I would work best if I could take rest breaks during very physically challenging tasks.
  • Trying new tasks can sometimes be challenging, however, with encouragement and support to show me I can succeed, I am hands-on, engaged and ready to try!
  • It is difficult for me to manipulate small objects- I may need more time or would benefit from tasks that don’t involve high levels of dexterity.


I love being with my family and friends! I especially enjoy video games, Special Olympics basketball, working with the PVTV team, going to restaurants and shopping, and cooking! As you may be able to tell, I love being with other people!

Jon shoveling mulch Jon and his 1 to 1, Chris Jon playing Jon packing lunch bags Jon and teammates at a track meet Jon and some friends Jon and a football player Jon and a teacher Jon in front of the gym bleachers Jon and some classmates Jon serving lunch